Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nude Beaches In Cali

I’m not sure I can pass up the opportunity to run around without any clothes on… I’ve gone topless at Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival before, it was awesome!
Some nude beaches I’ll be passing right by on my big West Coast trip:
North Baker Beach in San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge Beach
Devil’s Slide (Grey Whale Cove), San Mateo Coast
San Gregario Nude Beach
Private’s Beach, Santa Cruz

Monday, May 27, 2013

Moving To Washington? Why Not Buy Murder Mystery Writer Ann Rules House?

Price Chopper alert! Celebrity Real Estate Alert! Juicy serial killer connection alert? All sorts of unsavory things are going on in relation to Ann Rule's place being put on the market, and eacdh one is similarly interesting. First, it's been price chopped by over $500,000 since it first hit the market. Second, well, Ann Rule owns it. Third, her book The Killer Beside Me is aboutTed Bundy, who worked with her at a suicide-prevention hotline back in the day before he was, you know, flippin' Ted Bundy! All that creepiness aside, Rule's house is pretty and includes a cabin that apparently needs some "TLC," though the main place is pretty nice all on its own. It's a 2-bed with 2,600 sq. ft. to its name and some sweet views, as well as waterfront access. She's even got her own personal listing site (and you know the writing's gotta be better than most brokerspeak listings)! The price tag: $999,750. Go for it, guys.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Return To Atlantis: Dubai's Underwater Hotel

See what lies at the end of the rainbow....

The Haunted Hearthstone Inn Colorado Springs Colorado

The haunted Hearthstone Inn in Colorado Springs, Colorado is a hot spot for paranormal The Sumner House is one part of the establishment, and the Bemis house is another part of the establishment. Together, the homes create an immense structure that contain plenty of space for visitors – those who are physically alive, as well as the wandering souls who seem to be attracted to the area for one reason or another! Here, you will learn about the haunted Hearthstone Inn in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The Haunted History of The Gold Hill Hotel In Nevada

The haunted history of the Gold Hill Hotel in Nevada has been talked about for years. Originally dubbed as “The Riesen House”, it is believed that this structure was completed in full prior to the year of 1862.