Thursday, February 13, 2014

Romantic Getaways ~A Night at New Mexico's Bishop's Lodge

In every state there is that one really romantic and mysterious hotel that you have always wanted to stay at. In Northern New Mexico, it would be The Bishops Lodge. I have somewhat of an obligation to tell you that I myself have not spent more than a few nights there, but oddly enough~and trust me, my family found it odd and cringed at what it must have cost him~but my grandfather actually lived at Bishop's Lodge for up to maybe a year. My grandfather was very eccentric and of course -- an artist/photographer... so this was not surprising to me. My dad would laugh at my grandfather's response to being asked "Dad, why are you living at The Bishop's Lodge?" His response was "The maids treat me very well." People familiar with Hollywood's famed Chateau Marmont will understand this completely. 

A magical and private getaway
nestled away in the lower hills between Santa Fe and Tesuque

Now this is not to say that my family was unfamiliar with a lavish lifestyle; they've traveled plenty. It's just that living in Santa Fe, New Mexico IS like being on vacation in a way. It's a high tourism area boasting the oldest church and house in the U.S.A. that sit between some of the best restaurants in the world as well as some of the finest art collections in the most respected art community in the Southwest. My family's home is next to the Folk Art Museum off the most historical road in the area, Old Santa Fe Trail, so it was just a little funny to think he was paying thousands a month to live at Bishop's Lodge. I thought it was great, and proceeded immediately to visit him! 

Here's a fun fact~the restaurant in the hotel is called "Las Fuentes." Translated: "Lovely Fountains."
Their Sunday brunch has become famous on its own with help from world-renowned chefs specializing in New Mexican, French, Spanish and Native American, and often serves Virginia Ham and bread pudding on holidays. 

It was named after the hotel spa's famed water-recycling plant, a virtual oasis that lends beauty to their chapel where weddings are surely the ones of dreams.

The spa, named ShaNah, which is Navajo  for "vitality and energy," even boasts an authentic Native American teepee for private massage and meditation. Under the stars at night below the Sangre de Cristo mountains you can get moonlight massages or sit in the outdoor Watsu pool.

The history, if you're not familiar with the area, is as intriguing as the property. 

As you ride horses on the 400-acre property and hike around the area trails, you can't hep but picture the world then, as not much has changed in the landscape of the mountains. You can envision the history being made and see how writers like Willa Cather were able to pen classics like Death Comes for the Archbishop, based on the life of Archbishop Jean Baptiste Lamy. He was the first bishop of Santa Fe and faced the daunting task of re-establishing a congruent Catholic church while facing religious corruption. The desolation and loneliness of living in a strange and unforgiving land led him to have a secluded retreat built for him which is now The Bishop's Lodge.

The Bishop's Lodge has a lovely Valentine's Day weekend special with a special chapel and art tour, and the dinner guests will be treated to an evening with flamenco guitarist Joaquin Gallegos.

 Guest will also receive a care package for their room consisting of chocolate-dipped strawberries, champagne, and a bear rug to cuddle on in front of the fire. Happy travels and Happy Valentine's Day,  my friends, and for more information, click right on this link:
there's a short video also:

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photos of Xana La Fuente by Jack Plasky 

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