Thursday, July 13, 2017

Kerala Is For Hippies~: A Story and Guide to The Most Kickback Place in India!

Most people who have traveled to India describe an intense love-hate relationship with a country that’s beauty is only matched by the amount of trash you’ll find on the streets. Indeed, India’s culture, food, fashion, and people create a sensory overload that is both wonderful and exhausting, and truth be told, by the end of our time there, we became pretty calculated in our consumption — joking that we needed “Half India – Half Hotel” to keep our energy and spirits high. We couldn’t get enough of the bright colors, the pure veg food, and the cultural traditions, but being a foreigner in India (or gora, as they’re called) attaches a price tag to your head, meaning it’s a pretty constant barrage of photo-taking, begging, peddling, and traffic-dashing, necessitating some requisite daily down-time. To be clear! We love, love LOVED India (and I don’t even mean love-hate!). It’s just not a particularly easy place to travel.

But! India has a BIG secret. 

Below the trash heaps, the cows, the smog, and the chaos, there’s a part of the country that more closely resemble California than some of it’s neighboring Indian states. Where the traffic isn’t the only sound you hear, where the ocean meets beautiful cliffed coasts, and foreigners can walk around for whole MINUTES without a service being offered.