Tuesday, June 9, 2020

That One Summer I Became Obsessed with Bubble Tents

Aesthetically perfect for your average person with ADD & OCD, just horrible for people with anxiety. Or people on cocaine or meth. Horrible for terrorists.  

I know these are built for raves and parties but what IF you decided to live in one?! 

This one is actually a AirBnB in Indonesia 
The page says~Bubble Hotel Bali is a kind of glamorous camping placed between lush jungle and Indian ocean. The beach is very secluded due.
There is electricity inside the bubble and you can charge your phones and other gadgets. There is also LED light around the bubble. Every couple or guest will have private shower and WC next to the bubble. Bath towels are provided as well as shampoo and shower gel.Bubble Hotel Bali is located in Uluwatu area which is well-known for Uluwatu Temple and famous Kecak dance! It's $130.00 a night. 

This looks so enticing, kind of looks like me too

How would you like to have your own cozy, nature-inspired home in the countryside of sunny Thailand? Sounds like a dream, right? But for Steve Areen, 6 weeks and $9,000 was all he needed to make his dream dome home come true! Click HERE to read more about Steve's amazing creation! 

Meet the Five Million Star Hotel! 
Now THIS looks like my kind of place! It reads~Some childhood dreams stay with us for our whole lives. Sleeping under the stars or watching the aurora borealis lights dance is one of those lifetime dreams....

This place actually send you on a bubble tent tour, or I believe it does, I'm sending you to their page so you can check it out-I will circle back and read up too, this looks amazing! go HERE to see what I'm talking about! 

Basecamp Terlingua is in a world of their own can I just go on record here and now and say I'd like to die in a teepee like this?  Read more HERE to for a full description and availability.  I looked at their Facebook page and it had this cool old adobe structure on one site and Teepees as well! 

Just want to feel like your someplace exotic? How about this blow up hot tub and clear bubble " gazebo " click here to buy!

Here's a place to order this cool blow up hot tub and I thought maybe if you WANT it to be private you could use a wall hanging and drape it up inside or sheer curtains, so I am adding the Amazon links and will update my ads to the right soon!